Venetian doorway2.jpg

 "Venetian doorway" (Watercolour) 10 x 15 cm

Bryan King

Painting mainly in watercolour - and sometimes using pen and ink - I love the diverse subjects that we can find in Suffolk. I particularly enjoy painting maritime scenes, boats and timber framed buildings - in all weathers - and trying to capture the effects of light and our wide Suffolk skies. I also try to capture the local scenes when travelling and painting plein-air, especially when visiting Venice, my other painting love. Apart from exhibiting my work at the Art Club, I take part in several other local art events.

My web site is and I am also on facebook

Silent st.jpg

"Silent Street in snow" (Watercolour) 30 x 20 cm


"Cley Mill - Norfolk " (Watercolour) 30 x 20 cm


"Butt & Oyster - Pin Mill" (Watercolour) 30 x 20 cm