Christine Lester

Christine Lester - How Much is that Puss

How Much is that Pussy in the Window?

Acrylic on Board


From The Pier

Mixed Media 

I’ve been painting for years - originally as a pastime and then professionally when the pastime took over!  (I am a member of the Society of Feline Artists).  Although I do mostly commissioned work, of people and animals, since joining Woodbridge art club I’ve branched out into local scenes and waterside views. I like a variety of topics but also of mediums, mostly oil, acrylic and watercolours but as I teach adults and do art demonstrations I’ve tried almost every medium and style going.  

Never happier than when I’m absorbed in sketching and painting, I get a lot of enjoyment from trying something different and am constantly looking for new inspiration, whether a subject or medium and being involved with a group of other enthusiasts keeps you on your toes!


Eating Ice Creams in Southwold

Acrylic on Board


Mark Strong (actor)