2013 Tidal Surge

Our wonderful harbour-side position proved to be a disadvantage in 2013 when a tidal surge created widespread floods on the east coast. The flood struck around midnight on 5/6 December 2013 and our clubhouse, which is located on the non-protected side of flood defence barrier, was badly flooded.

Water came through the doors and up through the drains and the entire building was flooded to depth of 1.5 feet. There was a lot of damage and we lost many books, art materials and equipment, kitchen-ware and electric items. 

The damage was such that even the plaster had to be stripped off the walls, and it took 4 months for the building to dry out sufficiently for the renovation to start.


We weren't able to put on the exhibition that summer until August but we stayed open then until the end of November, and sold lots of paintings and pots. It took quite some time though to recover from being shut most of the summer as people didn't know whether or not we were still there.


Bryan King was chairman at the time and he and the committee had to spend a great deal of time sorting out the chaos and managing the work. We hope now that we are less vulnerable to future flooding, and we took the opportunity to make some improvements.


We are grateful to Suffolk Coastal Council for a grant towards the new flood gate protecting the front door.