Sheila "Braves the Shave for MacMillan

On 19th August brave Art Club Member Sheila Fitzpatrick is having a "hair raising experience" and letting her sister-in-law Jacky Fitzpatrick shave all her hair off to raise money for MacMillan!

If you'd like to contribute to this worthy cause - follow this link

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Woodbridge Car Fee day - September 2019. A gorgeous day in the Thoroughfare telling people about the club and attracting for new members

Here are some photos of our excellent 2019 Suffolk Day & Regatta Fair stalls and exhibition. Huge thanks to all members who participated and helped out!


Here are some photos of ArtyJumble - which raised money towards our funds. Huge thanks to all members who participated and helped out!


Photography Group Now Established!

The Club is excited to have a new Photography Group and would be pleased to welcome new members - see here for more information and their programme of meetings 

Saturday Workshop - 28 September 2019 - From Initial Sketches to Finished Picture. Artist Deborah Burrow led a whole day workshop that included time in the Tide Mill sketching and then stages in working up an effective painting from the sketches.