Roy Cooper


Cherries and Silverware
Watercolour with pen and ink
36cm x 25cm


Petunias on shelf
Watercolour with pen and ink
42cm x 29cm


Shadows on snowy bank
Watercolour with pen and ink
38cm x 28cm

I took up art about 10 years ago purely as a hobby and since that time I have tried various mediums and styles, but for whatever reason I feel most comfortable using watercolour together with pen/ink and pencil.

Initially I had lessons on basic technique with a local professional artist, and found these very helpful in getting me started. I am a member of Kesgrave Art Group as well as Woodbridge Art Club, both of which provide me with a wealth of information, ideas and inspiration together with a forum in which to mix with others who share similar artistic interests.

I try to make all my pictures look as clean and fresh as possible and pleasing to the eye. As well as trying hard to follow all the usual guidelines that apply to creating a good picture, such as composition, perspective and the correct use of colour, I also try to use atmosphere and light whenever possible. However my main goal (not always achieved) is to give my paintings ‘soul’ i.e. emotional energy and intensity. I am obviously pleased when a picture turns out well, but it is the enjoyment of the journey in getting from the blank page to the finished picture that is important to me.

I also enjoy making my own frames and cutting mounts etc. for my pictures.


Evening by the river
Watercolour with pen and ink
50cm x40cm