Tom Ambridge

Woodbridge -  Ye Olde Bell and Steelyard

Woodbridge -  Ye Olde Bell and Steelyard - Watercolour  20 x 30 cm

Having enjoyed drawing as a youngster, I returned to art as a retirement hobby when I joined Woodbridge Art Club over ten years ago. After experimenting with different media, I concentrated for a while on pencil portraits, mainly based on old and current family photographs. 

My preference for some time since has been for the watercolour medium, mainly applied to local settings photographed by me or by my wife Carmel. My former occupation as an engineer and scientist has probably influenced my style which usually incorporates quite fine detail and has earned me a reputation at the Club as ‘the bricklayer’.

As just one of several interests in retirement, my art activities have generally been confined to weekly leisurely sociable morning sessions at the Art Club and thus I am happy to allow several weeks to complete each new painting project.


Woodbridge - Market Hill in Snow - featu

Woodbridge - Market Hill in Snow - featuring the Water Pump - Watercolour 20 x 30 cm

Tom Senior (c.1944 ) - Pencil on texture

Tom Senior (c.1944 )

Pencil on textured paper 15 x 25 cm

Southwold - Inshore Lighthouse  -behind

Southwold - Inshore Lighthouse  -behind St James Terrace

Watercolour - 30 x 20 cm