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Geoffrey Thomas


“Painting with a Camera"

I started night time images in 2016, first as an experiment using Crane Lights at building sites, then expanding to any light source I could find from dusk until full darkness, to explore a new ways of using camera movement.

The images displayed are a true representation of what the camera actually records. I maniplulate the camera myself with my hands, no computer skulduggery has been used to make any structural changes to my “Paintings”.

What you see is what the camera has taken, except for a few tweaks for definition and subtle variations to colour.

I’ve had one exhibition in London, and a second here in Woodbridge.

My website is 

“Collision”  - London
IMG_3073 - Version 2.jpeg
“Sunset in London” 
"Celebration for a monk” - Thailand
“Traffic reflections on metal” - Thailand
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