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           Pottery at Woodbridge Art Club 

The potters….. well, what can you say about them! They seem to be a friendly group and over the years have even welcomed new members!  

To join this group you do not require a BA Honours degree in ceramics, however, any new member must already have learned the basic skills of making ceramics as you will need to be able to work independently, as there is no tuition, and some basic mistakes can cause catastrophic damage.

The Art Club has its own pottery equipment including a kiln, wheel, clay store (stoneware clay only), stoneware glazes and equipment such as rollers, battens, extruder etc. 


Like painters, each potter has their own unique style and at this Art Club that ranges from the downright ridiculous to amazingly imaginative creations, decorative dishes, sculptures as well as more traditional thrown and hand made pieces with quality ‘thrown in’ for good measure.

Much of the work can be seen in the window displays at the Art Club and is available for purchase with some pieces finding their way into the collections of some discerning customers.

At our temporary venue in Felixstowe the potters will meet every week on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

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