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Please Join Us!

Membership is open to anyone over 18 with an interest in Art. We have sessions for Artists, Lacemakers, Photographers and Potters (Note: there is sometimes a waiting list for Pottery). 

Benefits of membership include:

  • A regular programme of talks, workshops, sketching and life-drawing

  • Use of the Art Club's facilities at no extra cost - except for full-day workshops where a modest fee is charged to pay for the tutor

  • An opportunity to submit works for our exhibitions

  • Social events - including a Summer event and a Christmas event.

Accessibility - our club house is on one level and has easy access with low ramps at entrance doors. We have an accessible toilet and two disabled car parking spaces. 

There is no joining fee and the Annual Membership is £65 per annum payable upon joining and then each subsequent 1st April.

To become a Member please complete the form below. The Membership Secretary or group lead will then get in touch with details of how to make payment and to welcome you as a member.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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