summer fun.jpg

Summer Fun

Oil on canvas

gone fishing.jpg

Gone Fishing

Oil on canvas

Judy Clements

I started painting as a young person but marriage, work and children left no time to pursue my interest. Many years later, while living and sailing on board my partner and my boat, I began painting again, just small watercolours of wildlife and flowers. It whetted my appetite so much that on my return to England I joined Woodbridge Art Club and returned to oils – my real love.


This was almost twenty five years ago since when I have sold countless canvass, some of which went to several different countries. However, I am honoured that seven of my paintings grace the walls of a couple who recently emigrated to Warsaw. They recently sent me photographs of their flat with the seven canvasses in pride of place. Painting brings me enormous pleasure as well as being therapeutic and inspiring. Long may it last.

the old cart.jpg

The Old Cart

Oil on canvas

Felixstowe  Ferry.jpg

Felixstowe Ferry

Oil on canvas