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Sandy Taylor


Deben River View
Acrylic on boxed canvas
13cm x 18cm 

I’m a bit of a “dabbling” artist as I like to try all kinds of media ... watercolour, acrylic, lino printing and  mixed media.  

I first started keeping watercolour sketch books when we were travelling around mainland Europe in our Dutch barge as a record of our travels. Moving on everyday it was a way of keeping some visual memories.  I love landscape .. not necessarily representational but focused on colour and shape so I am lucky to have settled in  Suffolk with our wonderful light and ever changing estuaries.

Recently I have moved from watercolour sketches to  working in acrylic and I’m loving the freedom it gives me to paint over my mistakes! I’d like to create  more abstract paintings as a way of capturing the sense of a place rather than its reality and eventually graduate to pure abstraction with its emphasis on shape, colour and composition .


Acrylic on boxed canvas
20cm x 20cm


Acrylic on boxed canvas 
25cm x 20cm


Martlesham Creek
Acrylic on boxed canvas
30cm x 20cm

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