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Sheila Fitzpatrick

Shadow Dancing_Sheila Fitzpatrick.jpg

Shadow Dancing.

Photograph       29.07 x 21 cm 

Bowl of fruit --Sheila Fitzpatrick__.jpg

Bowl of Fruit

Acrylic/Photograph        55.88 x 40.64 cm

Changeable colours_Sheila

Changeable Colours

Photograph       29.07 x 21 cm 

 I began my working life as a hairdresser. I then completed six years in military service. I served initially in the Territorial Army then the WRAC. Once I completed my military service, I joined the Civil Service. (DEFRA) where I worked for thirty eight years and was engaged in a variety of work


My interest in painting and photography has always been there for me. Experimenting is fun and trying out new ideas. If I’m happy with the result, that’s all that matters, therefore I paint mostly for my own satisfaction. Having said that, I particularly enjoy entering art/ photography exhibitions and competitions, where I can hear other people’s views on art


Most of the time I paint with Acrylic. I don’t have the patience for oil, maybe one day.

In addition to painting and photography clubs, I belong to a gardening group and a book club. I also enjoy listening to and writing poetry for fun. With so many hobbies, I probably don’t give enough time to each of them. My guitar stands in the corner of the room, waiting for me to start playing it again.

 Most of all I enjoy the company of people.

Storm at Sea_Sheila Fitzpatrick.jpg

Storm at Sea.  

Acrylic  38x 28 cm

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